Here Is A Method That Is Helping Staff Trader Recruiting

You’re just making 11 your own program for something I know a 1 lot of people that do that and it’s 1 usually over the case again you’re 1 usually dealing with somebody else’s 1 stuff with a lot of people have minimal 11 notes as.

You’ve got to find out in the 1 industry and so you really end up having 1 to learn everything yourself and figure 1 out what’s the best way you can tackle 1 it to get it to where you want it to be 111 so yeah I think schools grateful only 11 the basic concepts but I’ve learned more 11 and less two years at this job than I 11 think.

staff trader recruiting

I ever have in school or anywhere 11 else all right 11 so Mike what’s your last turn mine is 1 security as he as he is talking about 1 vici you’ve run into a lot of different 1 things a lot of different issues with a 1 lot of companies security so will will 1 take over a certain company well we’ll 1 take a look at that network and we’ll.

see how everything was set up by the 1 previous person we get a little scared 1 because we’re just not sure how they 1 were functioning correctly and how they 1 haven’t gotten you know hacked before 1 because there’s a bunch of holes we we 1 know it’s a bunch of holes and like a 1 difference by securities different 11 companies there’s a lot of compliance 1 issues you’ve come across and that’s 1 usually what companies will come in for.

especially like medical companies they 1 all have to be HIPAA compliance so you 11 know data of course has to be very 1 secure and you’ll find that allowed them 1 even ton of work to get out there it’s 1 not I guess from an outside perspective 1 back before I even got into the industry 111 it’s more but you think everybody’s 11 pretty.

secure 11 imagine we’re data secure and once 11 you’re in it you kind of realize 11 everybody asked just doesn’t know me 11 only it’s much too big they do about it 1 and it’s kind of scary and but then you 1 kind of realize how a lot of companies.


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