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It joined two things but we really need three things so I’m going to hit f that is the keyboard shortcut to put a formula in edit mode I’m gonna come right up to the ampersand and.

I need a space any text including the space character has to be put in double quotes if you’re going to use it in a formula so double quotes both space double quote and then a second ampere saying because we’re joining three things ctrl enter and now I want to copy this down the column this is the selection cursor if I take my selection cursor and move it towards towards the lower right hand corner there’s that little fill handle my cursor gets close on it turns to a crosshair or I like to call it an angry rabbit you can double click and.

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Send it down it’ll copy the formula down column as long as there’s something to the left the right or below it it’ll copy until it sees an empty cell and stop all right let’s look at our next formula example here’s an example we have some numbers and we want to count how many are greater than now this formula input has a comparative operator and a number together in the cell you can see it’s a line to the left it looks like.

It’s being considered text I’m going to say well wait a second I want to make a formula I can use the built in function count if now count F has been around a long time I simply highlight the range comma and the criteria it will count with one condition control-enter there are two now in this case it’s perfectly all right to combine.

These two there’s a bunch of D functions D some D COUNTA they’re very nice and they like to combine comparative operators and numbers like this but there’s some cases where you don’t want that here’s an example here we have a here and we need to use that as a number in other formulas so here we’re gonna use the same count if but we’re gonna have to take our range and combine.

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